Landscape lighting can add nighttime curb appeal to your home’s exterior, but the benefits of lighting it up to go well beyond aesthetics. There’s over a million home robberies across the nation each year. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, these robberies were likely to happen equally at any time of year.

A combination of home security, curb appeal, and backyard aesthetics are the perfect reason to light up your home’s exterior. Get started with the following ten outdoor lighting trends of 2022.
Table of contents

1. Downlights
2. Smart Lights
3. Motion-sensing Lights
4. Bistro Lighting
5. Hardscape Lighting
6. Solar-Powered Pathway Lights
7. LED Step Lights
8. Fairy Lights
9. Spotlighting
10. Exterior Wall Lights

Light up Your Yard With These 10 Outdoor Lighting Trends


As the name suggests, downlights are lights pointed downwards. Generally, the bulbs will be covered on the top and sides. This allows for a particular area to be illuminated.

Downlights can be used to illuminate flowerbeds, walkways, or areas of your yard that may be darker than others. One significant benefit to downlights is they keep light pollution at a minimum.

Smart Lights

A remote or a phone app controls smart lights. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Although installing and setting them up to work may feel overwhelming if you’re new to it, it’s actually quite simple.
home exterior landscape lighting

Many smart lights can change colors, which presents the perfect opportunity for holidays and parties. You can often dim or brighten the lights from your phone, alongside the ability to turn them on or off. Smart lights can be used anywhere, with perfect placement depending on their design.

Motion-sensing Lights

These lights will turn on when motion is sensed within a specific area. These are primarily used for security measures and work well with security cameras. When motion-sensing lights brighten an area, they provide a clearer picture for the security cameras.

Motion-sensing lights are usually very bright, but different light strengths are available. You can place these near your home’s exterior for additional safety measures.

Bistro Lighting

Bistro lighting is also called strand lighting. These are lights strung together that are installed above outdoor spaces. For example, you could use them over your patio, garden, deck, or uncovered porch.

Bistro lighting is an excellent addition to parties. They can turn any outdoor area into a softly-lit dream world. While many have traditionally used these during the holiday season, there’s no reason you can’t use them all year long.

Hardscape Lighting

These lights are used to illuminate your yard’s hardscapes. For example, you can use hardscape lighting to light up pillars, walkways, stairs, and edging.

Hardscape lighting generally uses a soft light that points downwards, similar to downlights. You can use them to light dark areas and highlight small specific ornamental features without contributing much to light pollution.

Solar-Powered Pathway Lights

Solar-powered pathway lights are an excellent choice because they don’t require wiring. Instead, small panels of solar cells soak up the sun during the day. Then, at night, it uses this power to illuminate your pathways.

You could even use these lights to illuminate your driveway or the corners of a ground-level patio if you wanted. However, be wary of placing them too close together because your yard could end up looking cluttered. Depending on their strength, you may consider pathway lights every four to ten feet along your paths.

LED Step Lights

LED lights come on long, flat stripes that slightly resemble the chips inside your computer’s mainframe. Due to this, LED step lights are sometimes called strip lighting.

The strips can be installed along steps to provide some illumination. This isn’t only beautiful but also makes it safer to traverse stairs at night. LED lights can often be controlled by a remote that lets you turn them on or change colors.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are netted lights that you can use to decorate bushes or trees. These are often used during the holidays for Christmas lights, but they can be a beautiful addition to your garden.

Fairy lights can come in white or colored bulbs, depending on the aesthetic you like best. Not only do they make your yard feel magical, but they also light up otherwise dark spots.


Spotlighting is also called uplighting. These lights are usually placed at or slightly above ground level and pointed upwards. You can use them to highlight exterior ornamental home features.

Additionally, you can use spotlights to highlight your home’s exterior generally. This can be a handy burglar deterrent because it makes them easier to be seen.

Spotlighting comes in various strengths, from moderate to high-intensity. You may want to avoid high-intensity lighting in areas near windows because it could disrupt your sleeping. However, high-intensity spotlighting may be perfect for spans of a solid exterior wall.

Exterior Wall Lights

Most homes have exterior wall lights at their front door and maybe beside other entrances. These are lights attached to your home’s outer wall. They often have an ornamental casing that looks pretty and helps contain the light to some extent.

These days, exterior wall lights aren’t only used to illuminate entryways. One of the new lighting trends of 2022 is to place them every few feet on your exterior walls. This is especially popular on porches or patios.

Choose exterior wall lights with ornamental casings that match your home’s theme. For example, you can choose traditional lantern lights, antique black wrought iron, or even a more modern box design.
Light up Your Yard With These Outdoor Lighting Trends

Light up your yard to create a safe outdoor space at night and a magical nighttime hangout spot simultaneously. Of course, installing these lights can be challenging. Outdoor Illumination Design can help bring these outdoor lighting trends to life in your yard without any of the stress. Contact us today for more information on our landscape lighting services.